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Reading Body Language to Improve Dating Success

by Jenna Stevenson

Body language is everything and when you are dating it will serve you well to be able to read and understand a lot of the body language going on around you. Less than 10% of all communication is done verbally; the rest is done through body language. If you know some of the basic signs and signals that people generally make when they are attracted to someone, you will find that you have a lot of luck when you are dating.

One of the most obvious signs that someone is interested in you is eye contact. Men and women usually only make contact with people that they like or are interested in. This eye contact can last less than a second, or it can last an uncomfortably long time, especially in the case of women. Women who are attracted to men will often make eye contact, look away, and then look back and hold the gaze for up to ten long seconds.

Another body language cue that someone may be into you is if they mirror your movements. If you move your right hand, they will move their left hand in the same manner. If you are curious to see just how into you someone is, you can move your body intentionally to see if the person you are with will mirror your movements. Of course, not everyone does this so don't be deterred if your date doesn't mirror your every movement.

Another good indication that someone is into you is if they touch you when it is not necessary. These are just small touches, like a touch of the hand or the knee or even the shoulder. Generally people will not touch people that they do not like or that they are not attracted to, so if you are on a date with someone and they touch you, chances are that they are into you and you can make your move.

Men and women both have a tendency to play with their hair when they are attracted to someone. Women will often flick their hair back or push it behind their ears while men will run their hands through their hair or even stroke their facial hair. If you are with someone that you are attracted to and they seem to mess with their hair every time you look at them that is a great indication that they are into you as well!

Being able to read body language will come in very handy when you are dating. Even if you are not on an actual date you will be able to figure out what the people around you are thinking or feeling about you at work, in the club, or even in the grocery store. When you stop and watch the way people react to you, you'll learn a lot more than if you listen to what they are saying. Dating can be a whole new experience when you look for telling body language.

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