Online dating beginners guide

Online dating. Have you tried it? If not this online dating beginners guide will give you some pointers on whether or not it's for you. Millions of singles are turning to online dating because they found out it was something they would enjoy, and change the direction of their love life. Read More

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Dating: What Is It Exactly?

Many couples stop dating once they have chosen to remain together - be it getting married, or even having children. But love can disappear from a relationship without intimacy or romance. Not surprisingly, couples whom successfully continue dating each other even after they have been together for a long time keep their passions for each other alive. On the other hand, not all couples need to date in order for this to happen, with other aspects of their relationship keeping their love strong for each other. Read More

How to Get a Girl to Like You

We've all had that special woman in our lives. You know... the one with the sweet personality, the really nice hair and a perfect face. She dates the more "adept" guys... but how can you get her to like you? Read More

The confidence to make you a good lover

Today I want to cover what I call "foundational stuff"... skills everyone knows you should have that are necessary, but are often overlooked in favor of "more advanced" skills. The truth is though, the "advanced skills" are worthless without a firm foundation, and if you're not getting the results you want, it's often because your foundation has eroded. Read More

Is Online Dating Effective?

Online Dating is not a last resort for social misfits. It is an excellent tool for those who lead busy lives, deal with a lot of shyness issues, or just want to expand their horizons.

First you should decide what you main objective is for dating online. Is it just for friendship or only to have someone to talk to? Read More

Single and Dating? Don't miss this unusual opportunity.

It has been demystified. Singles can now stop making the 50/50 guesses and all the self-sabotaging shortcuts that lead to relationship failure. The prerequisite dating knowledge they need in order to succeed is now available to them. Now, singles have two choices. They can learn this essential dating skill to empower them to build strong and lasting love relationships, or they can decide to stay uninformed and repeat the same common and painful marital mistakes. It all depends on what each single is passionate about; success or failure. Read More

Special Friends -- The Thin Gray Line Between A Special Friend And Lover

Love and friendship are often considered as the two sides of the same coin. One can not survive away from the other. Still there is a thin line between a friend and a lover; and if someone does not probe deep in to the relationship, often the thin grey line between the 'special friend' and lover may seem blurred and unrecognizable.Read More

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