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Do You Speak Bingo

Bingo is a wonderful game, loved and indulged by millions across the globe. However, if you were new to the game, you would like to learn some of the common jargons/terms used so you would feel left out when you play. Some of the most common terms that you would encounter are as follows: 1.

Bingo board this is the place, which would display all the numbers called out during the game. Usually this board is electronically lighted for better visibility. 2.Bingo booklets this is a booklet, which has a series of sheets, each colored differently that would be played during one game of bingo. The booklet has these sheets placed in the order in which the game would be played. 3.

Buy-in and minimum buy-in buy-in is the admission packet or the minimum number of cards usually 3-6 cards - that would get you admitted into a game. The number of minimum cards varies with the type of game; minimum buy-in is the least amount that you need to spend if you want to be counted among the contenders for the prizes available. 4.Caller. This is the name given to the person who calls out the numbers as they are drawn.

This person is part of the game however, he/she does not play the game. 5.Coverall.

This is the term given to the type of bingo game, which requires that the whole card be covered in order to win. Not all games of bingo need to have a cover out to win. 6.Dauber: in order to get the numbers covered easily there is a special pen called dauber which has a foam tip and can blacken the whole number with a mere touch or daubing hence, the name.

7.Four corners bingo: This is a type of bingo game, which you could win if you cover the numbers, which are placed in the four corners of the card. There are other patterns that can win you the game, i.e chevron, blackout, regular, postage stamp pattern, etc 8.On-player.

A player is labeled as on when he/she are falling short of only one number from wining the bingo game. 9.Random number generator or the this is when an electronic machine, instead of the caller picks up the number for the game. 10.Six-pack/ nine-pack. These are the terms, which indicate how many numbers are there on the bingo card during a particular game.

11.Tickets. These are bar codes that are used for identification of the booklets when a claim is made.

These tickets figure on each of the pages of the booklet on which the bingo game is played. 12.Wrap-up.

This is the name of the game that completes a session. Other games are the speed game or quickie, which involves a very quickly called out coverall; then there is the moonlight bingo, which would commence usually when the moon is up not earlier than 10 PM. Lastly, you also have the early bird game, which usually starts much earlier than the normal scheduled.

Richard Sharp is the owner of a popular bingo resource site. His site offers free advice on online bingo and has a free bingo club.

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