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The Growth of Hookup Websites Will They Overtake Normal Online Dating Services

Do online dating sites have a bad wrap for being hookup sites? Have online dating websites shed their stigma as a place for only the lonely, just to have traded it in for a hookup image? While it seems like there certainly are websites and services available for people to meet dates for hookups alone, there are also plenty of other types of relationships that can, and have been formed, through online dating services, from friendships, to email correspondence, hookups, casual dates, and even marriage. The internet is renowned for being a place that has something for everyone. The online dating industry is no exception.

Though there are endless options for people seeking other people for various reasons and different types of relationships, it seems to some that there is an overwhelming number of websites offering dates for hookups. This perception, while accurate in some senses, could also be due, in part, to the different marketing strategies approached by each, and the basic characteristics of companies and people who pursue these types of relationships. To begin with, the marketing strategies for such websites are often quite aggressive. Though this may be a broad generalization, many websites that are designed to connect people for quick and easy sexual relationships are not as concerned with projecting a specific image, particularly in comparison with dating websites who try to distance themselves from this.

Certainly, many online dating services give their members the option to seek any type of relationship they want, whether that be a casual date, hookup, or long term commitment. However, the majority of these sites don't promote themselves exclusively as hookup sites, and don't pursue marketing strategies that are as aggressive and anonymous. Most large online dating sites promote themselves as place for people to find love, and follow strict branding strategies. Hookup sites are often smaller companies, and are therefore less anonymous. This could help create the sense that there are many of these hookup services available, when really, this is because it is difficult to identify and differentiate the few that are out there.

The companies and people who are involved in these websites may also contribute to the sense that there are several hookup websites around these days. This may be partly because the companies are not large, recognizable brands. The influx of hookup sites may also be attributed to the fact that the people who participate in these websites are usually not long term members (this is also a broad generalization). In this sense, many members may come and go from the site, often just temporarily, to find a fast and casual hookup, and leave once they are satisfied. This may help create the impression that there are large numbers of people signing up, and increasing the number of members for these hookup sites. Nonetheless, there are several hookup sites available, whether they are sites dedicated to hooking up, or are 'normal' dating websites who offer their members the option to seek all sorts of different types of relationships.

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