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Do You Know How to Kiss a Girl

It's often said that a woman will judge a man as a sexual partner by the first kiss they share! If a guy can give her a sensual, electric filled kiss, she'll start to wonder what he'll be like "in the sack". Furthermore, a well done kiss can quickly alter a woman's perception of a guy. In other words, he'll go from a dud to stud in no time! That's why knowing how to kiss a girl is one of the most important skills that a guy can learn. The problem with most men is they think they've already mastered the art of kissing. Many of them think their past experience with women makes them a master at kissing. But the truth is a lot of girls think that most of the guys they've kissed do not live up to their expectations.

So statistically speaking you probably need to learn how to kiss a girl. The good news is learning how to kiss a girl is actually a fairly simple process. All you have to follow a simple formula which has been proven to work for hundreds of years. It works like this.

First you should establish contact with her. Jumping into a kiss without establishing any sort of body contact will end up surprising her. The best way to prepare her for a kiss is to touch her during your conversation. Whether it's her arm, shoulder or hair, touching her will do wonders for building attraction. The next step is to get rid of any nervousness or tension. If you've been talking to a girl for awhile, you can tell if she wants to be kissed.

Usually she'll give you cues like maintaining eye contact or looking at your lips. When you see these signs, it means she wants to be kissed! Since you see indicators which show she wants to be kissed, don't feel nervous! By demonstrating signs of interest, she's practically guaranteeing she won't reject your attempt to kiss her. When you see signs of interest, don't hesitate! Go for the kiss! You should lock eyes with her, angle your head, and then slowly move towards her. If you've read her signals right, she'll move towards you and the two of you will start to kiss. Now once you're kissing her, it's important to start slowly and be gentle at first. While you might want to build passion and intensity, it's critical that you avoid jumping the gun and jamming your tongue down her throat.

By starting out in a slow sensual manner, you'll be able to build up an incredible amount of intensity which can be used later. As your kissing progresses, you can try open mouthed kisses and a little bit of tongue. A simple trick is to read her signals and follow what she wants. The last step is to take the time to experiment and find out what she wants.

Try varying the intensity and kiss her in different places. This can mean her face, neck and the upper part of her chest. As you do this, you'll start to notice her reactions will be much more passionate. Knowing how to kiss a girl is an important step to developing a *hot and heavy* encounter. If you take the time to build up intensity, it'll be easy to move beyond kissing into a more intimate scenario.

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