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LDS Dating What To Expect

If you've become acquainted with a person who belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have decided to ask that person for a date, it might be wise to acquaint yourself with some of aspects of LDS dating as well. Modern day dating has become quite casual for many people and for members of the LDS, too. Still, there are some aspects of LDS dating which have retained a more traditional flavor. In addition, some LDS adherents also follow certain dietary and lifestyle restrictions. However, if you like the person well enough to have been considering asking him/her for a date, these differences should not throw up any barriers to investigating a relationship. Members of the Latter Day Saints enjoy comfortable clothing just like anyone else and you should, of course, dress in a way that is appropriate for whatever function you and your date will be attending.

Fashionably ripped clothing and unkempt or dirty attire though will generally not be viewed favorably; the same is true of ostentatious jewelry or clothes that draw undue attention to the person wearing them. Modesty is still a valued commodity in the LDS world. Leave the tight pants, the midriff exposing top and the cleavage bearing blouse at home. If you've been thinking about having multiple body piercings or body covering tattoos, wait awhile; both practices are frowned upon by the LDS church. When planning activities for LDS dating remember that the same strictures which cover clothing apply to behavior; language and actions should also be circumspect.

Discuss with your date ahead of time going to a movie which may contain sexual situations or profanity. You should also consult with your LDS dating partner before going to concerts or dance clubs where distasteful language, lewd dancing or the taking of drugs might be common. If dinner is on the menu be aware that many LDS members do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages; many also go light on the meat. Those who follow the teaching of the Latter Day Saints are strong believers in the family unit. If one date leads to another you should be prepared to participate in family events; these may include family game nights or even nights of prayer, Bible study and/or religious visitation. Chastity is strongly encouraged.

Should dating lead eventually to marriage, large families, faithful church attendance and tithing are bedrock principles of the faith. The Church is also very supportive of its members and interacts with them on an individual basis. While marriage outside the faith is not forbidden, it could be difficult for all concerned. At first blush all of these rules, even though encouraged not mandated, may seem to make dating a person who belongs to the Latter Day Saints more trouble than it is worth; nothing could be further from the truth. LDS church goers are not members of some sort of cult.

They are faithful followers of a faith that asks that they comport themselves by certain standards. These values do not preclude an LDS member from being a lot of fun on a date. Music, athletics and enjoyment of the arts are all highly valued in the LDS culture as are friendship, fun and families. So, if you are thinking about dating a person who belongs to the Latter Day Saints, don't be intimidated by the ways his/her life may be different from yours; after all, vive l'difference.

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