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How To Find That Special Someone This Holiday Season

The holidays have the ability to bring out the best and worst of us. We all look forward to giving and receiving gifts, but let's face it: being alone on the holidays sucks! The solution? Find a date or a companion to spend the holidays with. Don't bring in the New Year with a remote control and a six pack of your favorite beer - do something fun! Let me give you a brief synopsis of last year's holiday season. I'm going to use my friend Paul for illustrative purposes (sorry Paul!). Now, my friend Paul loves the ladies.

But I'm the first person to admit that he's really picky. Paul likes bookish brunettes that share his interest in cars. Paul's a mechanic (Finding a bookish girl that's into cars seems like a conundrum, doesn't it?). So Paul was going to spend the holidays alone AGAIN until I suggested MySpace. "You know, there are a lot of hot girls on MySpace," I told him, "why don't you try to hook up with one for the holidays?" Paul rolled his eyes at me, but reluctantly agreed to create a MySpace profile. What did he have to lose? After all, MySpace is free and it's very user-friendly.

After he signed up for MySpace Paul began browsing through his personal photographs. He knew a picture would increase his chances of finding a date for the holidays. He chose a photo that showed off his best assets - his killer body! FYI: Girls love a guy with a great physique.

Within ten seconds, Paul uploaded his picture to his MySpace profile and started browsing the profiles of really hot girls! "This year is going to be different," Paul thought to himself, "I'm not going to spend the holidays alone." He had the right attitude. Too many guys spend the holidays feeling blue when they could use MySpace to find the perfect girl. After all, MySpace is one of the hottest social networking sites on the internet.

There are a lot of happy couples that met through MySpace. If they could find happiness, why couldn't a guy like Paul? So, with some trepidation, Paul started searching for local women ages 18-21 that were on MySpace. He was interested in women that utilized the site for dating and relationships. He indicated this by checking off a few boxes. His search brought up a list of women that met his search criteria. After looking at a few profiles, Paul stumbled upon the profile of a really gorgeous girl named Amber.

He clicked on her photo to see the rest of her profile. "Wow," he thought to himself, "a girl with a cat named Hemmingway that loves to work on cars? Impossible!" But when you're presented with millions of members of the opposite sex, anything is possible! Last time I checked MySpace had over 127 million users. After reading her profile, Paul decided to write Amber a message. Like most guys, after writing the message, Paul was reluctant to send it. He wasn't sure how Amber was going to respond, if she responded at all.

He closed his eyes and clicked "send." He thought about how nice it would be to spend the holidays with an attractive woman like Amber. Within moments, Amber responded. He couldn't believe it.

At first, Paul felt insulted by Amber's response. Was his profile too plain? Did he need to pimp his profile? He took a good look at it and decided that it was rather lame. He immediately called me to ask how he could pimp his profile.

He read Amber's e-mail over the phone and I told him to start searching for a cool layout. "She's so hot," he told me, "nobody could be a Grinch around this girl!" and I laughed in response. As soon as we hung up, Paul used a search engine to look for cool MySpace layouts.

Paul felt overwhelmed by the amount of results. He browsed through a few websites before selecting one that had over 300 free MySpace layouts. He was determined to pimp his profile and impress Amber as well as any other ladies that shared his interests.

After a few moments, Paul found a layout that was really impressive. He inserted the code into the "interests" field in his profile. The profile became an eye-catching social statement within moments. He even posted a Christmas joke as his first bulletin. About an hour later, Paul had a new MySpace "friend request.

" Guess who? That's right. It was Amber. Paul immediately added her and they began conversing through MySpace message. The communication between Paul and Amber was steady for a few weeks. In the meantime, Paul added several female "friends" to his contact list. Unfortunately, Paul and Amber couldn't take their relationship to the next level.

While Paul desperately wanted to meet her in person, Amber wanted to do something exciting. Her idea of the perfect date wasn't to sit on Paul's couch. Amber presented Paul with a number of ideas for a date: ice skating, a holiday dance, even Christmas shopping, to which Paul replied: "I don't really have the money to go out." Obviously, this was a real turn off. The objective to going out on a date is to go out! Why would anyone want to spend the holiday season indoors? This example of two people that used MySpace to hook up for the holidays resulted in disappointment. If Paul had a steady source of income, he would have been able to take Amber out on a date and give her a present for the holidays.

While this scenario is unfortunate, it happens to too many guys on a daily basis! They inevitably end up spending the holidays alone each year. This year, Paul decided to do things right. He swore that he'd never repeat the same mistakes he made last holiday season.

I'm happy to report that Paul now has a steady income since he learned to make money on MySpace. He has so many dates this holiday season that he has to look at a Calendar before he can offer to take a girl out! So guys, don't sit at home feeling sorry for yourself this holiday season. The ladies swoon over guys that can take them out for a good time. If you want to find a girl to spend the holidays with, it's not too late. Paul did it and so can you!.

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